China Fellowship is a gap-year graduate-scheme, we give graduates from universities in the UK and North America the chance to discover China, while gaining teaching qualifications and exploring their passions and interests out in China.

Through a year of training and teaching English in one of China’s leading cities, China Fellows set themselves up for a variety of global careers, focusing on education, non-profits, and social entrepreneurship.

When our founder team graduated from university in 2015, they wanted to find a way to build a social enterprise, whilst exploring the world, learning valuable skills, earning enough to survive and most of all having a lot of fun!

They found that China was the ideal place to explore these ambitions. Out in China, there are so many fantastic work and study opportunities. The booming economy and rapid social change means that there is vibrancy and a wealth of opportunities wherever you go, while the backdrop of Chinese history and modern culture means there is always something new to discover.

Join China Fellowship and find a great graduate job, a supportive community, and a fun-filled exciting year of adventure.

How it Works

China Fellowship connects graduates with full-time entry-level teaching jobs in China.

China Fellows are given:
  • Well-paid graduate entry-level teaching job in China

  • Funded TEFL training and certification

  • Chance to live in some of the world’s most fun, vibrant, dynamic and fascinating cities

  • Dedicated trainings and career planning support

  • China Lens course on Chinese culture, language, society and history

  • Space to explore their passions and interests in a teaching graduate scheme

  • Entrance into a community of like-minded and talented peers

  • Invitations to funky social and cultural events throughout the year

  • Opportunities for travel around China and more widely across East and South Asia

  • Work visa support and assistance


The Gotoco founders setup China Fellowship. Gotoco is an award winning cultural exchange organisation operating in China, since 2011, we have made opportunities for over 2000 university students to undertake funded&free work-travel placements across China, read more about us below or check out Gotoco at www.goto.co

After graduating from Beijing Language and Culture University, Lisha studied for a year in  Oxford with Danny and Richard, exploring the UK while having time to drive forward a fledgling  Gotoco.

On returning to Beijing, she spearheaded Gotoco’s growth in China, while staying  involved in a range of projects to keep her outlook fresh and to gain new skills.

The community  she’s now built up in Beijing and her experience make her a valued mentor for young Chinese  social entrepreneurs, and allow her to keep starting new projects with a social impact.  

For two years after graduating from the University of Oxford, Danny undertook an MBA at  Tsinghua University. It was the perfect opportunity for him to learn about entrepreneurship,  while being in China, and growing a social enterprise with friends (and having scholarship  funding to keep him afloat!).

He could go in every day and learn, whilst obsessing about how  to apply his lessons to make Gotoco into a socially valuable enterprise and a viable path  forward for when he graduated. 

While growing Gotoco with his two best friends after leaving the University of Oxford, Richard  worked at China Policy, quickly becoming a Research Manager covering China’s Trade and  Industry policy, with a focus on scientific research and environmental issues.

Working with  governments and embassies in Beijing, as well as multilateral organisations and NGOs,  Richard was able to gain new insights into policy and business in China, and bring these into  his plans for his social enterprise.


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