Project Description

Beijing is our home and an ideal place to explore career options, meet new friends from  around the world, and have a bit of fun. The capital of one of the world’s most important  economies and most vibrant cultures, living in Beijing allows you to immerse yourself in a new  culture while learning a language and making connections that will stay with you throughout  your career.

You’ll explore historic sights such as the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, get lost in the  mazy ​hutongs ​(alleyways) in old Beijing (where our office is!), and go on funky nights out at  Temple Bar near the Drum Tower or in Lantern in Sanlitun. You’ll also make lifelong friends  with local Beijing’ers and people from all over the world, while being able to network at various  industry and embassy events around the city.     Whether you’re more interested in the city’s history or in the Beijing punk scene, there are so  many sides to Beijing that we guarantee you’ll never get bored!