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Dominic Scott


China is the best place to start for budding citizens of the world. Though this land is ever more integrated and relevant to life across the ‘West’, it remains poorly understood and rarely explored. Join us in China to fill in gaps in your map, and fight cultural ignorance and Sino-Western knowledge deficit!

China is one of the world’s most important economies and most vibrant cultures. Undertaking a China Fellowship allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture whilst learning a language and making connections that will stay with you throughout  your career. Most of all, it will be a lot of fun.

You’ll have opportunities to travel and explore historic sites such as the Forbidden City and Great Wall, the mountains of Yangshuo or perhaps the megacity Shanghai delta. You’ll also make lifelong friends along the way with locals and people from all over the world, while being able to network at various industry and cultural events around your city.

Whether you’re more interested in your city’s history, music and arts scene, or cuisine, there will be so many sides to explore that we guarantee you’ll never get bored!

Dominic Scott


Teaching in China is a great way to develop valuable skills, meet like-minded people, earn a good wage, and have the space you need to explore options for your future career: no matter where that career might take you.

You’ll teach English for 5 days per week in one of our carefully selected partner schools in China, working with both local and international staff.

You’ll learn how to manage the school, parents and children’s expectations, while delivering  interesting and effective lessons for your students.

Dominic Scott

Training and TEFL

Before you arrive in China, we’ll provide you with TEFL training and make sure you’re prepared  for your year.

Throughout your time in China, we’ll offer further teacher training, as well as cultural and social  events. We’re here to support you to develop your career, so we’ll arrange fortnightly training  sessions and online resources to help you hone your skills and find the right career path for  you.

If you have an idea for a social enterprise that you’d like to start after your year, then our team in Beijing would love to support you through our social enterprise incubator where you’ll benefit from mentoring and  advice, seed funding, and office space.

Some of Our Partners

We carefully select the schools we work with to find nurturing and supportive work  environments for you.